Essential Oils

Eucalyptus (RM244)
Relieves asthmatic symptom, and respiratory canai infection, alleviates bronchitis and flu.
Suitable Application : Bedroom, Study Room, Living Room

Lavende (RM244)
Reduced the concerned and restless feeling, balanced hypertension, anti depression, eliminated the crowded feeling or the nose, overcame insomnia, the pimple and eczema.
Suitable Application : Bedroom, Study Room, Living Room

Laurier Rose/ Rosebay (RM244)
Created the romantic and sensual atmosphere, helped the digestion system and helped managed the body.
Suitable Application : Bedroom, Dining Room

The Vert /Green Tea (RM244)
Raised spirit. expedited the digestion system and urine, improved the concentration, unloaded cholesterol, helped overcame hypertension and diabetes as well as reduced the affected risk of cancer.
Suitable Application : Office, Dining Room, Living Room

Bois de Santal (RM270)
Stimulated the passion, reduced stress and restless, calmed the cough, expedited urinated.
Suitable Application : Place of worship, Shop front, Office

Pomme Verte / Apple (RM244)
Refreshed and helped the concentration, helped the digestion system of food, to unload blood cholesterol, reduced the nervousness, increased appetite.
Suitable Application : Bed Room, Living Room, Dining Room


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