History of Lampe Berger

Founded in 1897 by a French pharmacist by the name of Maurice Berger. Lampe Berger lamps were named based on Maurice Berger. Maurice Berger worked on his patented catalytic converter between 1890-1900. Maurice's invention was the only one that was patented even though other like Louis Muller and Andre Guasco also tried to create a similiar invention. Maurice was developing a product that would ultimately clean and purify the air.

Lampe Berger lamps were originally used in hospitals in Europe to clean the air of germs. Maurice was inspired to find an effective method to disinfect the air (remove bacteria) and bad odour from hospitals in France. He perfected the technique to create a formulation called "Ozoalcool" together with a unique catalytic burner. This special catalytic properties of "anions" into the air.

Maurice was born in Paris, on December 2, 1866. When he was nineteen he entered a professional career in the pharmacial field. During 1905 to 1909 Maurice work as a Delouche chemist-store employee in Paris and worked to commercialize his hygience lamp. In 1910, Maurice Berger opened a shop known as L'Ozosenteur where his business was to commercialize his Berger lamp. He ran his business until he retired in 1927. At age 64, Maurice passed away.

In 1927, Plant essential oils were introduced into the formulation together with diffusers that were designed by world master craftsmen and Lampe Berger became a leader in the Aromatherapy industry. Maurice Berger sold his business to Jean-Jacques Failliot a former industrial manager. The Failliot family took the Lampe Berger lamp to new heights from 1927 to 1973. From 1973 to present, the Auvray's succeeded the Failliot as the head of Lampe Berger.

This is the trade secret of Lampe Berger and until this very day, this technique is still regarded as revolutionary in the Aromatherapy industry.


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